Begin a mystical quest in search of enlightenment. 


The Sense of This Journey

This is a trip to France to experience the sacred landscapes and places of energy in the footsteps of Merlin the enchanter. Since the dawn of time, these are the places where people came to relax and capture the energies of the earth and sky.  An immersion into the beauty and legends is a dive into our own essence. Sacred, mythical places, poetry, lights, meditations and a magic forest inviting us to reconnect with our own inner treasures, sometimes hidden, to reveal the power of our deep being. The search for these treasures and meaning offers you keys to transmute "the lead in gold".   Are you ready to plunge into the wonder? 

You will find yourself on an island on the Seine River near the center of Paris. Take a relaxing boat ride through the impressionist landscapes to inspire your creativity.  Discover your greatness as you meditate on a rooftop overlooking Paris. Embark on the quest of the holy grail through the forest of Broceliande. Each place we go will provide a key to connect to your inner self and find your personal legend.


Trip Itinerary


Day 1 - The Beginning 


Welcome to the land of your renaissance. We will do an orientation and group welcome at the hotel in Paris. Close your eyes and take a glass of champagne. Enjoy your evening, we will begin the journey in the morning.


Day 2 - Courage 


From the Middle Ages to today, Paris is a hub of magic and occult sciences. You will learn how to find the philosopher's stone and cause the transmutation of your heart and soul. Decipher the symbols of the mysterious Notre-Dame, the secrets inscribed in the glass and stone. Live the history of the alchemists, those ancient magicians who inspired the great works of Victor Hugo and Harry Potter.  Along the way we will visit the home of an artist who lives in Montmartre. Let yourself be drawn into a philosophical and exciting quest full of history and magic. 


Day 3 - Be Yourself


Morning méditation on the island of Villennes-sur-Seine, where time seems suspended.  The Seine is an invitation to write and express oneself.  Enjoy a picnic on the landscapes of the impressionists, in a daydream writing and painting environment. An appointment with history and imagination.We bring you to the secret places of Queen Marie Antoinette, The Hamlet of the Queen not far from the Palace of Versailles and its secret gardens.  


Day 4 - Open Your Heart

Chartres | Brocéliande

Depart Villennes direction Chartres to one of the most mysterious and beautiful cathedrals. Walk the path of Labyrinthe de la Cathédrale, mindfully with authentic meditation – let your body and soul become one. We will visit one of the largest crypt in the world. The original altar was built above the Druids' Cave which housed a sacred dolmen. This cave, known as the Black Madonna, was also called Our Lady of the Underworld. Chartres is a magical place natural on the way to Merlin the enchanting. We have a meeting with a druidic priestess in Brocéliande, the mystic forest of Merlin l'Enchanteur. You will be able to learn and open your mind to the ancient knowledge of the magical Celtic legends.


Day 5 - Enthusiasm

Brocéliande | Carnac  

Find your child's soul in this magnificent forest playground.  Take a treasure hunt to find the Grail. Live the magic of the present moment, meet fairies and maybe you will see Merlin L’enchanteur. Discover the magic places around King Arthur and the mysterious Lady of the Lake. Here you will find complete enthusiasm. At the end of the day visit the sunset of Carnac, the largest megalithic ensemble of the world.


Day 6 - Unity  

Fort-la-Latte | Mont saint-Michel

Enter Fort-la-Latte castle, meditative walking in Cap Fréhel. Take time to explore the elements (earth, fire, water, wind, ether) through the dance of the Earth. Between Sea and Land, Fort La Latte is located on the Emerald Coast. Its spectacular site and its legends make it a mythical and magical place. Depending on the weather, we offer you an exceptional stroll in the sea to meet the dolphins at the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Feel the vibrations and energies of the dolphins and the place. The unity in itself of the sacred masculine and féminine. 


Day 7 - Unity

Mont saint-Michel | Beaumont-en-Auge

Wake up in a high energy place. Take an exploration of Mont St. Michel and the bay to discover the sacred geography and the secret energy of Moun. We will meet with a geobiologist and open the magnetic doors of the Bay of Mont St Michel. Spend the evening in a medieval village Beaumont-en-Auge in the heart of Normandie. A  high place of magic and history in the Middle Ages. It is a return in itself to find its Unity.    


Day 8 - Realization

Beaumont-en-Auge | PARIS

A day to celebrate life, nature and French wines. Feel gratitude for yourself, for the land, and the accomplishments of your journey. Reveal magic by opening your eyes to signs and synchronicity. Realize that we have the power to change our reality. We are the magicians of our life. 

Don't prepare for your trip!

Of course we are kidding, but really don't worry too much about being prepared. We want you to come as you are and without feeling like you know everything that is going to happen. It adds to the spontaneity and magic of your experience. You can turn off your technology, you will not need your GPS. To find yourself you need to get lost and just follow the signs.



•7 nights in 3-4 star charming accommodations.

•7 breakfasts & 7 lunches.

•Transportation in a comfy charter van.

•All activities and admission to sites.