Experiences That Inspire Wonder...


Embark on a tale of French past in the present... 


Denver to Brest
Celebrate the liberty of France and USA

June 3rd-14th, 2018

Visit small towns and villages throughout Northwest France. Travel as a representative of the oldest French-American Sister City relationship that is still going strong. Remember World War I and World War II, and honor those who fought in the name of freedom. Vive la France. Vive les Etats-Unis.

Legends of France
A mystical quest In search of enlightenment

June 23rd-30th, 2018

Experience a journey to the lands of French legends and sacred Celtic history. Follow the steps of Merlin guided by French local and connect to the magicians. Each high energy place we visit will hold a key to self discovery. Connect with the culture and heart of the real France. 



Mother Nature is truly metaphysical not just physical. Connect to the sacred within you and around you. Experience the whole of it and grow in ways you never thought possible. It can happen at any moment. During our open meditation/yoga sessions or in an interaction with a local. Set an intention that will lift your soul and connect you to the land and its people.



Wine and Spirit
Experience the transformation of wine and self  

September 2018

Bordeaux has been named the world's best city, according to Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2017. It's the wine capital of the world, with a rich history spanning at least two thousand years.  Built in 3rd century BC by a Celtic tribe. Get connected to the history, gastronomy and the beauty of this magical place. 

Secrets of the South
Indulge your senses in the soul of Cote D'azur


The Provençal way of life is one that’s deeply tempting for anyone who’s been feeling the need to get away from it all. This is a place where the Mediterranean weather turns fields of corn and lavender into picture. It's a trip to celebrate the beauty in oneself and to discover the secret villages and sacred places.



Every tour is designed for you to have an unprecedented personal experience. Life can become routine and normal. Our tours are an opportunity to disconnect from the regularity of life. Awaken inspiration, creativity and passion from a time long ago.   Colorvoy is an interruption that gives you an opportunities to explore the landscapes and communities you are unaware of. As a result you awaken a spark for an exceptional quality of life at home upon return..